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Old City Historic Downtown Knoxville

Although it is near downtown Knoxville, the Old City has a energy all its own.   Once home to quite the rowdy crowd (no joke Billy the Kid once roamed these streets and hung out at Lonesome Dove) it has now become an urban haven of  unique restaurants, bars, clubs, salons, and botiques.  Although it is called the Old City it is in fact not the oldest part of town; however,  in 1985 it was certainly old enough to have most of the nabe’s historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Southern Terminal and Warehouse Historic District.

After many years of neglect the area was renovated and now next to the coffee shops and restaurants you can find apartments and stunning condos as well. Most notably the recent renovations to the JFG building and the Firestreet Lofts give folks “downtown style living” with a slightly lower cost than you can find right in the heart of the Downtown area.  Some folks are calling the Old City the “warehouse district” as it is next to several warehouse areas and abuts S Gay St. but whatever you choose to call it one thing remains true.  The Old City is an area with a very long history filled with saloons, bar fights, railroad ramblers and merchants reaching back to the 1800’s; yet, it has moved forward into the present day with classic architecture and a modern urban vibe unique to Knoxville.

Best of the Nabe:

EAT: Lonesome Dove, Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria, Kefi, Old City Java

SEE: Lox Salon, Pet Safe Dog Park, Emporium Center Arts Alliance

SHOP: Blue Slip Winery, Crush

Looking for your dream home in this neighborhood?  Take a minute to learn more about schools, shopping, and homes for sale near the Old City below. Contact me today for more information!

Written by, Shannon Foster-Boline