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The Neighborhood Hunt

Often, one of the first steps to begin your house hunt is figuring out exactly which or what type of neighborhood you’d ideally be living in. Community is always important— you can renovate a house, but you can’t renovate your external environment! Here are just a few tips to keep in mind when creating a criteria for what your ideal neighborhood or community looks like.

What Kind of House Do You Want?

Knowing if you want a fixer-upper in an older neighborhood, a move-in ready apartment, or a new construction home in the suburbs can change a lot about what type of community you’ll end up in. Knowing what kind of house you want is a great staring point for you to start looking into what kind of neighborhood that house will be in.

How Far Out are You Willing to be?

By far out, I mean how far out from the city are you willing to be? Often times, apartments are closest to the city, followed by historic neighborhoods, and suburbs are often farthest away. Dependent on your job, personal preferences, or availability of transportation, you may want to be closer or farther to the city center. Knowing where you want to be in reference to the city can also narrow your neighborhood search.

Do You Have, or Want Kids?

The environment your children grow up in is very important. If you have kids or are planning on having them in the near future, you may want a community with other kids (typically, the suburbs are known for having many families with children). Neighborhood location can also impact school districts for your children— having an idea about the immediate or school environment you want for your children may impact which neighborhoods you’re drawn to.

Are There Any Particular Amenities You Want Nearby?

Typically, suburbs or newer construction areas provide other amenities (e.g. a public pool, tennis courts, or simply a closer location to something). If there are any particular amenities you’re interested in, it can help narrow down your neighborhood search by looking at the ones that have them!

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