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Secrets to Mini-DIY’s

Looking to make small fixes or clean up your home but have little time, or just don’t want to spend big bucks on products? Fear not. Here are some little, quick fixes you can make with some cheap heroes to save your house.

  1. Using Vinegar to Clean Up. Vinegar can de-clog that annoying, grimy shower head in your daughter’s bedroom or the downstair’s bathroom faucet. Added bonus? Boiling vinegar can eliminate microwave smells and makes it much easier to clean them. What more could you want?
  2. Cola can Clean Up Too. A dirty window? A nasty toilet? Not a problem. Take a can of cola to help clean up the mess. (Note: Using this on metals can cause corrosion, so be careful about this).
  3. Baking Soda Cleaner. Baking Soda’s ability to absorb odors and clean up appliances in the bathroom or kitchen makes it a go-to product to keep your home looking it’s best.
  4. Butter Knife— A Screwdriver Alter-Ego. Butter knifes can easily be accessed, and if you can’t happen to find a screwdriver they easily function as one. They can unscrew both Phillips and flat-headed screws.
  5. Toothpaste Smooths Scratches. A scratch on your car or small home appliances? Rub some toothpaste on it. Let it sit. Clean it off. Suddenly, the dreaded scratch is gone!

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