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    Staging for Success

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | June 4, 2019

    Is home staging worth it when it comes time to sell? YES, according to the National Association of Realtors 2019 profile of home staging! Staging can sound expensive but did you know that many tips actually don’t require you to spend a lot of money? It’s true! Read on for some great tips on how... Read More

    Why You Should Invest In Your Yard

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | April 30, 2019

    Spring is in full bloom which puts landscaping on the top of homeowners’ to-do list. Whether you are planning on moving or not, sprucing things up around your yard is worth it! Read on to see why you should invest in your yard.  Read More

    It Takes More To Sell Than Good Luck!

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | March 27, 2019

    In a buyers market it takes more than luck to sell your home for top dollar. Keep reading for interesting facts and tips about selling in a buyers market! Read More

    Top 5: Knoxville’s Highest & Lowest Selling Homes for 2018

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | March 4, 2019

    Another year past in the books. Let’s take a look at what properties moved in the Knoxville real estate market in 2018. In 2018 Knox County home sales’ closing prices ranged from $8,500.00 to $4,250,000.00. Knoxville continues to be a dynamic city which offers homes that fall across the price spectrum. Whether you are looking... Read More

    2019 Housing Forecast

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | February 25, 2019

    2019 Housing Forecast predicts a tougher road ahead for home buyers and sellers. Rising rates and prices… see more below! Read More

    Raise Your Home’s IQ

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | December 18, 2018

    Smart home technology has been increasingly installed in homes across America, and it’s not questioned as to why; it not only makes you look trendy and progressive, but it promises to make your home more comfortable, convenient and secure.  With multiple home technology brands to choose from, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Smart... Read More

    Halloween and Home Sellers

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | October 30, 2018

    Haunting statistics on why sellers choose to seller their homes! Read More

    Pumpkin Patches in the Greater Knoxville Area

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | October 12, 2018

    Living in beautiful East Tennessee, there are multiple farms that offer fun fall activities! With pumpkin picking being a great family fall activity, here is a compiled list of just a few options of where to go pick pumpkins with your friends, spouse, kids, or even extended family in and near Knoxville, Tennessee Deep Well... Read More

    Dining Room Decor

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | October 12, 2018

    What’s the one room where friends, families, or partners join in a meal together? The dining room! Being such an important part of making your new house a home, there should be thought and time put into decorating it! Here are a few ideas for accents you could add to make your dining room an... Read More

    Went to the Pumpkin Patch…keep your Pumpkins preserved!

    By Shannon Foster-Boline | October 8, 2018

    As the Halloween inches closer and closer, a key craft of the season is pumpkin carving! To make your pumpkins last from now through Halloween (and maybe a little after), follow these tips to make sure your pumpkins are the freshest on the block: Soak Your Pumpkins in Bleach. After gutting and carving your creation... Read More