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It Takes More To Sell Than Good Luck!

In a buyers market it takes more than luck to sell your home for top dollar. Keep reading for interesting facts and tips about selling in a buyers market!

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6 Responses to “It Takes More To Sell Than Good Luck!”

  • I had no idea that 51% of home buyers identified their future homes online. I have been thinking about selling my home, so I am in need of a real estate agent who can help me with the ins and outs of selling a home. I will make sure to keep this information in mind as I search for the right real estate agent for me.

  • Thank you Shannon for such a wonderful blog really appreciate your time and efforts taken for putting up such a useful blog would definately keep in mind all the facts you mentioned above before buying or selling a home and would always prefer go through an estate agent to create less havoc and make things simple

  • My brother told me that we should sell our old childhood home because no one is going to live there anymore. I think he’s right because it’s too old and none of my children are willing to live that far off the city. Thanks for the tip that I should hire a professional because I might be able to sell it off within three weeks, so I’ll be sure to consider this.

  • I have come across many of your articles. I must say your post is astonishing as ever making it simple and informative is your writing points. Many thanks!

  • It’s incredible how hiring a real estate agent will ensure the prices of the property is right. One of my cousins wants to sell her house to buy a bigger one. She should really see these numbers so she can hire a licensed agent to sell her house.

  • I was surprised when you said that 51% of home buyers chose their home due to its online appeal. Now that I know this, I can see why it’s important for home sellers to work with a professional photography service to ensure the photos they post of the house online are of the highest quality. The info you shared here will be helpful when I need to sell my current home, so thanks for discussing it!

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