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Herbs in the Kitchen

Wanting an herb garden, but don’t have the backyard for it? Maybe an apartment restricts your gardening abilities? No worries. You can always grow them in your own kitchen! Some herbs are easily grow indoors, and here’s a list of just a few that you can enjoy— straight from your indoor garden.


Basil, a quick and easy additive to most any meal, is not difficult to grow indoors. With plenty of sunlight, occasional watering, and good soil, you can have a great cooking herb in no time!


Oregano, another great herb (especially on pizza), is also very easy to grow and use when cooking. Needing direct sunlight and occasional watering just like basil, it’s not hard to keep and maintain this herb.


Sage, a rather resilient plant, is another flavorful herb that’s not hard to add into your cooking routine. A sun-loving plant with an ability to only need water occasionally, it’s not difficult to cultivate and tastes great in many dishes.


Thyme, with an amazing smell and taste, is a staple of most people’s indoor kitchens. Surviving in both indirect and direct sunlight, and again occasional watering, you can’t forget to use this herb when cooking your meals.

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