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Easy, Indoor Houseplants

Sometimes, your house just needs a little brightening up— if you’re looking to bring a bit of the outside indoors, or just looking for a unique way to liven up your home, houseplants can be great for decorating and bringing life into your home! Here are a few recommendations of easy-to-take-care-of houseplants.

Aloe Plant

Aloe Vera, an easily cared for succulent, can be an extremely small, cute accent on an otherwise bland table or counter. As a hardy plant, they don’t need a lot of care either! Make sure to keep them in indirect sunlight, and to water them every few weeks. In no time, you’ll have a happy little plant!

Spider Ivy

Spider Ivy is a classic indoor houseplant with long, reaching leaves, and it can blend into most any house decoration easily. Another hardy plant, all it needs to survive and is indirect sunlight and occasional watering! This plant can act as an easy and respectable accent in any home.


Jade, a succulent similar to Aloe, is another appealing indoor houseplant option. A small, delicate-looking leaves, a Jade plant could be just what your house is missing. Resilient and long-living, all jade plants need are to be placed in sunlight and watering a few times a week.


Philodendrons, tropical looking plants with beautiful, oval leaves, are another beautiful home accent. Needing only indirect sunlight, weekly waterings, and something to grow on (for vine Philodendrons, anyways), they aren’t difficult to care for and add a unique accent to your home.

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