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Considerations for Upsizing Your Home

As life goes on, couples get married, households get pets (maybe more than one), babies are born, sleepovers become common, and huge family holidays are held at one home. Space becomes scanty at some point, and sometimes a renovation just isn’t manageable. But when you’re upsizing to a new house, what criteria should you consider when doing this?

One criteria to think about is exactly where you need more space. Are you looking for another bedroom for your upcoming new edition? Do you need a larger pantry to fit everything into? Is an extra bathroom necessary so theres not a line down the hallway when you’re hosting parties? Or are you just looking for extra storage space? Before choosing and buying a house, just make sure you know exactly where you’re needing that extra space.

Another thing to consider is exactly where in your town you want to be. More space (for less) can typically be found in suburbs, rather than in the middle of downtown— location plays a huge role in whether a house is compact or spread out. Consider looking at different neighborhoods in different parts of the city and the architecture of the houses in them. This way, you can narrow down the area you’re looking for and the style of house. Maybe you’ll find your dream home!

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