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Accent Walls Pro Tips

Looking for a subtle way to spice up your home? Wanting to transform a boring, lifeless, room into the heart of your home? Try adding an accent wall into your home! Accent walls can brighten up a room, making it feel more open and liven it up. Here are a few tips to consider when adding in an accent wall:

  1. Having the Basic, ‘Starter’ Accent Wall: A simple way to get an accent wall is just by painting it a brighter or deeper color than the others in the room. Picking a color that follows the room’s aesthetic is important— light green walls would work well with a deep purple color (if you wanted a very noticeable wall) or even just a darker color of green could create a beautiful accent. This can be an easy DIY project you could do any afternoon!
  2. Adding in Interesting Textures: While it may not be as simple as just painting a new color onto your wall, adding new and interesting textures can create an eye-grabbing effect in your home. Wooden wall panels, tiles, bricks, or other textures can overall make beautiful accents for your home.
  3. Adding Patterns, Murals, and More: While painting and texturing your walls can be a nice touch to your home, adding patterns or murals can make your walls stand out even more. It may not be the simplest to do DIY, but it definitely gives your home a unique and creative tone and visitors will be amazed by it’s beauty.

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