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2017 Hot Bathroom Trends

With trends always coming and going, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s in or out. But whether you’re trendy or traditional, incorporating new ideas always gives a burst of life to your bathroom.
Here are five, fun bathroom decor trends that are appearing in 2017:

  1. Geometric Patterns. So many homeowners have begun to select bold, geometric, flooring patterns; some of these patterns include chevrons, triangles, or hexagons. These patterns add an intriguing quality and give a certain continuity to your bathroom.
    2. Having Plants. Even the most beautiful bathrooms can benefit from having some greenery. Wait, you have a windowless bathroom? No worries. There are some low-light plants, such as ferns, dracaena’s, or philodendrons, that can survive with just a little maintenance.
    3. Using Dark Colors. While this may be tricky to achieve, finding ways to use dark colors comes with a big payoff. While traditional bathrooms are often painted white or grays, opting for darker colors can make a bathroom feel much more luxurious and relaxing. Imagine sinking into a warm bath with dim lighting—that might convey the appeal of a darker palette.
    4. Brass Hardware. Remember how brass fixtures were a staple for bathrooms in the ‘70s? Well, trends often come back around, and this year brass fixtures are back.
    5. Minimalism. Massive master bathrooms are still great, but appeal also hides in smaller bathroom designs. Minimalism will allow for smaller spaces to feel more intimate, but retain the airy and open feel everyone wants. Pinterest or provides great images that can help to inspire you.

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